About Cubelus

Cubelus is one of the UK’s leading independent cyber security specialist, with a unique approach to providing specialist cyber security solutions.

We work with clients globally across both the public and private sectors to implement best practice security policies, processes and procedures and deliver specialist cyber capabilities.

Cubelus is a supplier to HM Government as well as a supplier to the Internet Investigations and Intelligence community of UK Law Enforcement.

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on putting our clients first and believe in delivering products and services that are tailored to you rather than just a boilerplate approach. Our methodology is both consultative and collaborative and each solution is bespoke to your business needs and drivers. We mentor you through the processes so that you can continue to maintain effective and secure practices as your business changes.

We believe in building long term partnerships with clients based on trust by working in an open and ethical way.

What makes us tick?

Here at Cubelus we are a different kind of consultancy. One that was born out of the excitement of solving complex challenges. We passionately believe in enabling an organisation’s users rather than restrict them. As your organisation changes and so too your challenges, we evolve. We continually ask ourselves, “Is this the best possible way to deliver your specialist IT needs?”

To get to know us, you can look at our core values and our heritage. We are lucky to have some of the best security talent. Their expertise in varied aspects of cyber security, threat intelligence and training/mentoring is exceptional.

We cherish our independence. Not only are we entirely product neutral and therefore genuinely unbiased and client partner focussed, but we practice what we preach. This means we understand tried and trusted methods and respect them; then try to find ways to improve; refine and disseminate them. We use our own products and solutions in house, allowing us to develop even better insights into the user experiences of our customers.

We use the word ‘partner’ a lot. That is because we have a rather different approach to consulting. We like to empower and mentor. That requires our consultants and our client partners to enter into a different kind of consultancy concept. It is one that requires a trusting relationship and does not mean doing consultancy ‘at’ clients. We are part of our client partners’ teams and the number of long term clients we have and the confidence that they show in us, is testimony to the success of this approach. In real terms it means genuine support and understanding; transparency, honesty and integration into the client environment with their best possible outcome at heart.

Our History

Cubelus began in 2016 as a small information security consultancy. Over the years we have successfully grown the company organically and today have a highly specialist team of consultants, DevOps engineers and threat intelligence analysts.

Over the years we have developed sound business practices which have resulted in consistently high levels of client satisfaction.

Our Team

Our team has a range of backgrounds and experiences including Law Enforcement, Government and the private sector. Our Consultants are security cleared and recognised experts in their field and have extensive experience in delivering security solutions. They include NCSC Certified Professionals (CCP), Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) and CREST.

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