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Innovative security software solutions to reduce the risk posed to your organisation by cyber-threats.

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Our vision is to give your organisation’s analysts the confidence, security and anonymity to collect high quality Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) online. Skylight offers a unique managed service that provides your organisation with secure, end-to-end and discreet internet access infrastructure.

This Product is perfect for:

  • Stopping Malware
  • Access to high-risk sites
  • Increasing user security

Bastion Hub

Bastion Hub provides a single, secure portal through which users can use Bastion Hosts to access all the remote networks that they are authorised to access. Access to the portal is via Transport Layer Security (TLS) from authorised endpoints only.

This Product is perfect for:

  • Privileged Access Management
  • Managing networks that require strict auditing and accountability
  • Managing multiple networks without the risk of cyber attacks propagating between them
  • Reducing supply chain vulnerabilities

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