Managed Anonymity

Skylight is our secure easy to use SaaS Platform that provides misattributable internet access. It is ideal for organisations that require discreet unrestricted access to the internet without the need for additional client software or hardware.

Easy to use

It takes less than 5 clicks to securely access the internet via Skylight. Skylight offers an intuitive and easy to use user interface with the primary aim being to make accessing the internet securely as easy as possible.


Skylight is designed with security at its core. It offers a range of technical security controls to protect the user and their corporate device. Any malware infection within Skylight is contained within its disposable Kiosks. Kiosks are isolated and can be provisioned from a trusted source each time the user wants to access the internet. Data transfer between the Kiosk and host machine is strictly controlled.

Multi device

Skylight offers both a virtual desktop and a virtual mobile device. OSX, Windows and Linux desktop environments are available. Mobile devices are Android based.

Highly scalable configurable

Skylight can be configured to meet your exact operational needs. Skylight can be just a simple secure browsing capability for a single user or it can be configured to provide advance protection against motivated and capable cyber threat actors for your entire organisation.


Skylight removes the need to procure separate laptops and mobile devices for users that need to access high risk websites. Replacing a compromised Kiosk is significantly more cost effective than restoring and possibly replacing a compromised laptop.

No software

Skylight is hosted in the Cloud and is designed to reduce the time and effort required to access the internet securely and discreetly. Skylight can be accessed in full via a standard modern browser.

Better than VPN

Skylight offers secure obfuscated internet access directly from your organisation’s trusted corporate End User Device (EUD) without exposing the organisation to risks posed by threats on the internet. It removes the need to procure and manage multiple physical EUDs in order to achieve secure unattributable internet access. The procurement and management of physical devices is replaced with managed, disposable secure desktop environments – all accessed through a single portal.

Whilst all VPN services offer obfuscated internet access, they fail to offer any security to the EUD that is using their product; the EUD is still vulnerable to malware threats or browser-based digital foot-printing. Using a physically separate device, that is not overtly associated with your organisation, partially mitigates this threat. It is, however, expensive and time consuming to replace or restore such a physical device in the event it becomes compromised (assuming the compromise is detected).

VPN services require the user to have client software installed that is responsible for routing traffic through its servers. The IP addresses associated with common VPN providers are well documented and often blocked by websites and other services. Skylight requires no VPN client to be installed in its desktop environments or custom extensions to be active in the kiosk’s browser. All network traffic is securely routed to the designated Exit Node by upstream network proxies. These Exit Nodes are bespoke and thus configured and deployed in line with your operational requirements.

Commonly available VPN services provide basic IP address obfuscation. Skylight is a highly secure, resilient platform aimed at customers needing discreet internet access infrastructure that offers far more protection than simple IP address obfuscation.

in your organisation

  • Stop Malware
  • Access High-risk sites
  • Increase user security

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